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Ali Sherazi

Ali Sherazi

• Digital Entrepreneur
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I understand open drains and sanitation infrastructure is not the fault of the people. Its failure of government. However, what I don’t understand is why do people allow filth around their house? Why are the streets so dirty? Why do people litter everywhere?

Islam teaches you extreme hygiene standards. You are not a Muslim if you are not clean or keep your surroundings clean. It is also the basis of being civilized.

If Pakistan is a Muslim country then why don’t the people follow these teachings? How can one say it is not people’s fault, people cause dirty streets, reasons, they throw garbage anywhere they like, causing garbage heaps? Hell, i have seen people throw garbage out of their windows. People buy anything from a show and the wrapper is thrown out on the streets, the attitude needs to change. Might as well make legislation.

Unfortunately, people don’t care much about these issues until they’re right up in your face and you are forced to take drastic action.

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