Early Life

Ali Sherazi born on Monday 5th March 1990 in CM Hospital Rawalpind. He has 2 Younger brothers and Sisters. As a child he studied in Sir Syed Model School in Morgah Rawalpindi, Pakistan and thereafter was enrolled in The Children School Quetta Cant.


After Matriculation and Inter he Re-located to Hi aims Collage for approximately 2 Years to take a Degree in Commerce and Business Accountancy. Then Completed Master Degree from University, He is doing M Phil International Relations.


He is the Founder of Lead international Academy which is one of the registered firm that works on  theinternational level. He has established Sherazi Welfare Foundation along with a practical training school for orphan girls. He also engaged in welfare projects.

Besides all this, he is also writing on different aspects of life and as far as his job is concerned he is teaching mathematics in different cities of Canada. He is also Running a Firm.


It goes without saying that my family have been my biggest supporters. I would not have got anywhere if it wasn’t for my mother’s love and father’s attention.

My Mother, Two Sisters and two Brothers and My father who is the foundation in my life. I would not have been where I am if it wasn’t for him. He has shown me love, taught me discipline and brought me up in a loving home.


For me, inspiration comes from past heroes, as all known for their individual personalities.
My biggest inspiration comes from Our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (saww).

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