Eid Food Package

Sherazi Welfare Foundation

I realized Where religious leaders are dressing down each other on the issue of moon and the rich are haggling over as whether to go to Dubai or London Eid celebrations,the real face of Pakistan, millions upon millions of Pakistanis are failing to answer the questions
of thier kids as why they cannot have new clothes, some food, toys, sweets, and Eidi.

I am so sorry but We as Pakistanis don’t really celebrate the Eid. We waste money on Chand raat, and we get out in bazars in hordes to ogle and to tease people and on Eid, we wake up late, miss the prayers, eat like animals and then watch movies or sleep all the day and then eat again,
while wearing our those expensive new clothes. We tend to forget those poor who are suffering even on the Eid day, who don’t have anything to eat. What celebration is this for the rich? We have forgotten the true meaning of Eid.
Every year, we miss this unique chance to create harmony and love in the country and to cover the distance between rich and poor
and to decrease the social disparity.

I started Eid Food Package since 2013, and we distribute Eid Food Bundles in hundredes derseving families in diffrent areas of Punjab.


Upcoming Project

I have planing to distribute Eid Food Bundles in all over the Pakistan. Distribute happiness in the Pakistan we every one can celebrate Eid in Pakistan. If you want to contact Please add us at whats app or Email  Us.

WhatsApp :    00923159600512
Eamil          :    info@alisherazi.com

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