Begging Free Pakistan

Sherazi Welfare Foundation

I believe on the following Statement,

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day and teach a man to catch a fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

I Started meeting with many beggars in early 2017. I tried to convinced them to leave begging but they refused because they are professional beggars.
I continued my efforts now i met Khadim Hussain. He has one leg. He has 6 kids 4 daughters and 2 sons they are age 4 and 6 years. He said i am not professional. I feel ashamed i want to leave begging .. I went to his camp too and met him personally. i decided to arrange a little shop or business for him … i want you to let your friends and family know about this and we can proceed it and search many beggars who want to leave begging  JazakALLAH

Upcoming Project

Now a days I am meeting many beggars. I want Free Beggars Pakistan. I want every Pakistani Beggar to have his own little Business. that’s my Dream, and i am working on it .

If you want to Join me simply contact me at my whats or email.

WhatsApp :    00923159600512
Eamil          :


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